It is likely that you have already seen multiple doctors and/or health care practitioners. As we all have our own approach, the information below will tell you about how I work and what to expect.

You are more than welcome to have a short chat with me on the phone about your health concerns and whether the Functional Medicine approach is suitable for you, prior to making an appointment. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange this for which there is no charge.

The Consultation Process:

Once you have booked your 1st appointment, I will send you an intake form via email for you to complete and return before your initial appointment. The form is comprehensive and includes questions about your current health status, your health history, family health history, your diet and lifestyle. This enables me to start building a detailed picture of your health story, and directs me towards specific areas we need to explore further at your 1st appointment.

Your 1st appointment takes approximately 90 minutes. During the appointment, will have an in-depth conversation about what has brought you to see me and your health goals. If further investigations are indicated, we will discuss appropriate functional lab testing. We will also work together on diet and lifestyle modifications that you can implement straight away. Following your appointment, you will receive a personalised Plan (via email) with details of the diet/ lifestyle modifications and any other recommendations, such as lab testing details. Please note that if functional lab tests are indicated, then detailed recommendations (such as nutritional supplements) will typically be deferred until after I have analysed your lab results.

I usually recommend a 2nd appointment about 4 to 6 weeks after your 1st appointment to discuss your functional lab test results (where appropriate), assess the progress of any initial changes and to discuss further recommendations. Follow-up appointments can last up to 50 minutes, after which you will receive a personalised Plan. Subsequent visits are usually recommended to monitor progress and adjust or update recommendations. However, as each person’s programme is tailored to their specific needs, we will discuss this on an individual basis.

As it has typically taken some time (perhaps years) for your health to get to this point, change doesn’t necessarily happen overnight! Results are really individual: some people experience quite quick results, whereas for others it can be a more gradual process. I always have a positive expectation because I genuinely believe that everyone can improve their health. However, the extent of this improvement depends on several factors such as how long you have been unwell, how hard you are prepared to work on your Plan, and the most important factor of all: your attitude and mind-set towards actively embracing and implementing changes to support your health.

Consultation Fees:

Please contact me for details.
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